American Linen Rental will rent you premium linens for your Wedding, Anniversary or Special Event.

ALR has a full selection of premium table linens to choose from.

pinkwhitetablsWhen you are choosing table linens for your special wedding or event, you may not realize that the fabric you are choosing has a special history. Linen has become a symbol of refinement, dignity and good taste. You can feel assured that you are following in the historic path of royalty, by choosing linens from American Linen Rental for that special event.



Today, linen is embroidered all over the world, especially in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. The Italians have mastered the dying of this fiber, which results in its extraordinary variety and depth of color. Like our ancestors the Consorti Family has mastered the processing of this fiber to extend the life of the material and the retention of its color so our linens always appear to be new.

TableDecor-BlackWhite-MarkLovettLinen remains the noblest and most luxurious material for the confection of the finest lingerie and nightwear, bed and table linen, decorative fabrics and, of course, wedding table linens. From the finest handkerchief to the thickest double damask tablecloth, there are literally dozens of ways to spoil your self with linen.