American Linen Rental provides a premium laundering service for your linen goods.

Rental Service

We’ll rent you any material you want and clean it for you!

Restaurants, Bars, Caterers
ALR rents linens, towels, mats, dust mops, and more.

Linen Laundering Service (COG)

Buying your own linens is cost effective. You don’t pay an inventory charge on linens you’re not using. By outsourcing the laundering of your linens to American Linen Rental, you save on payroll, taxes, workers comp insurance, machine breakdowns & maintenance, consumables and utilities.

Pickup, delivery, laundering and packaging of your linens (linens, towels, uniforms).

Pickup, delivery, laundering and of your towels

Cleanliness taken to the next level – cleaner than you’ve ever seen!”


Additional Services

Looking for guidance? We’ll help you buy to fit your need. We’re here to assist you in the buying process based on our vast knowledge of quality linen manufacturers. Contact ALR today.